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Horse race tracks in Arizona

In this guide, you’ll learn all there is to know about the various horse race tracks located throughout Arizona. From where these race tracks are located, to what they offer their guests, we got you covered.

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Arizona is home to a number of distinguished horse racing tracks, each boasting its own distinct allure and heritage. These venues host a range of racing events year-round, drawing in racing enthusiasts and bettors alike. They are prominent landmarks in the state, playing a pivotal role in Arizona's vibrant history in the equestrian and racing industry.

Horse race tracks in Arizona

Arizona is home to three major horse racing tracks: Turf Paradise in Phoenix, Rillito Park Race Track in Tucson, and Arizona Downs in Prescott Valley. Additionally, there are live racing events at county fairs in Santa Cruz and Cochise Counties.

Below, you’ll find the exact addresses of each major race tracks in AZ.

Arizona Race Track


Turf Paradise

1501 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85023

Rillito Park Race Track

4502 North 1st Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85718

Arizona Downs

10501 E. Route 89A, Prescott Valley, Arizona 86315

Yes, it is legal to place bets at horse racing tracks in Arizona. Horse race betting in AZ is regulated by the Racing Division under the Department of Gaming. This includes both online betting with licensed advance deposit wagering operators (ADWs) and in-person wagering at authorized race tracks and off-track betting facilities (OTBs).

The state law permits in-person wagering at race tracks, certain county fairs, and numerous OTBs across the state of Arizona.

How to place a wager at an Arizona horse race track

Betting at horse race tracks in Arizona is straightforward and easy for everyone, even newcomers. The next time you’re at your local race track, follow the steps laid out below to ensure you place your wager correctly.

  1. Choose a Race Track: Begin by selecting a race track such as Turf Paradise in Phoenix or Rillito Park Race Track in Tucson. Each location offers a unique experience, from the historic ambiance of Rillito Park to the modern facilities at Turf Paradise. Consider the track's schedule, the type of races (thoroughbred, quarter horse), and the amenities they offer, like dining and viewing options.
  2. Understand Betting Options: Familiarize yourself with the types of bets you can place. Basic bets include Win (first place), Place (second place), and Show (third place). More complex bets like Exacta, Trifecta, and Superfecta require predicting the exact order of the top finishers. For a broader betting experience, you can try multi-race bets like the Daily Double or Pick 3, where you select winners across consecutive races. Understanding these options enhances your betting strategy and can improve your chances of a successful wager.
  3. Create a Betting Strategy: Developing a betting strategy involves researching the horses, jockeys, track conditions, and past performance records. Utilize race programs, available at the track, which provide detailed information about the horses, their race history, and performance statistics. Seasoned bettors often study these programs to make informed bets. Your strategy could be as simple as betting on your favorite horse or as complex as analyzing statistical data to predict outcomes.
  4. Place Your Bet: Once you have selected your horse(s) and bet type, proceed to the betting window. Inform the teller of your race number, bet amount, type of bet, and the number of the horse. For example, you might say, "Race 3, $5 to win on horse number 4." The teller will process your bet and provide you with a ticket, which you should keep safe as it's required to collect any winnings.
  5. Watch the Race and Collect Winnings: After placing your bet, find a spot to watch the race. Experience the thrill as the horses thunder down the track, cheering for your selection. If your bet is successful, return to the betting window with your ticket to collect your winnings. Payouts are determined based on the odds of your horse and the type of bet you placed.

Useful things to know when betting at a race track in Arizona

Maximizing your odds at horse race betting requires strategy, insight, and a bit of luck. Here are some things to avoid when placing your next horse racing bet:

  • Betting on Every Race: Avoid the temptation to bet on every race. Selective betting on races where you have done your research and feel confident can lead to better outcomes than spreading bets thinly across many races.
  • Ignoring Track Conditions: Track conditions significantly affect a horse's performance. Ignoring factors like weather and track surface can lead to misguided bets. Always consider how different horses perform under varying track conditions.
  • Following the Crowd Blindly: While it's tempting to follow popular bets or tips, it's important to make your own informed decisions. Popular choices often mean lower value odds, and crowd favorites don't always win.
  • Emotional Betting: Avoid letting emotions guide your betting decisions. Betting on a horse because you like its name, color, or jockey, without considering its performance and odds, can lead to poor results.
  • Neglecting to Check the Form: Always check the racing form before placing a bet. The form contains crucial information about the horses' past performances, jockey, trainer, and other relevant data that can influence the outcome of the race.
  • Chasing Losses: Avoid the common pitfall of trying to recover losses by placing bigger or riskier bets. This often leads to more losses and can turn an enjoyable activity into a stressful one.


Are there any horse race tracks near Phoenix?

Yes, Turf Paradise is a horse race track located in Phoenix. It's known for hosting both thoroughbred and quarter horse races and is a popular destination for horse racing enthusiasts in the area​.

Can I bet on sports at Arizona horse race tracks?

Yes, you can bet on sports at some Arizona horse race tracks. Tracks like Turf Paradise have incorporated Arizona sports betting facilities, allowing visitors to wager on a variety of sports in addition to horse racing.

What types of horse racing events are held in Arizona?

In Arizona, horse racing events primarily include thoroughbred and quarter horse races. These events are held at major tracks like Turf Paradise in Phoenix, Rillito Park in Tucson, and Arizona Downs in Prescott Valley, with additional racing at county fairs.

Are there any famous horse races in Arizona?

Yes, Arizona is known for the Turf Paradise Derby, an annual event held at Turf Paradise in Phoenix. Additionally, Arizona Downs hosts important races like the John Deere Juvenile Challenge and Adequan Derby Challenge, which are significant in the quarter horse racing circuit.

How can I purchase tickets for horse racing events in Arizona?

You can purchase tickets for horse racing events in Arizona directly from the race tracks' official websites or at the venue on race days. For major tracks like Turf Paradise, Rillito Park Race Track, and Arizona Downs, visiting their websites often provides the most up-to-date information and online purchasing options.

Are there any age restrictions for attending horse races in Arizona?

No, there are no age restrictions when attending horse races in Arizona. However, to place bets at these races, you must be at least 21 years old.