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Dive into the world of Arizona online casinos, understanding their legality, history, and regulatory framework. This guide will elucidate they work, the intricacies of online bonuses, and making informed choices on sign-up bonuses. Plus, delve into tax implications and commonly asked questions.

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No, online casinos are not legal in AZ. The state has not yet legalized online casino play; instead, gamblers must play at one of the state’s tribal casinos. Online casinos are still in the early stages of legalization across the country.

There are a few things we can anticipate from the states that have already legalized such iGaming platforms.

First, we can expect the legal Arizona sportsbooks that already exist in the state to be at the forefront of casino offerings, given they’ve already completed the licensing process to become a sports betting operator. Arizona poker sites will also most likely be at the front of the queue to launch as well.

Second, we should count on the tribal casinos to be involved early in the process, particularly in approving operators to set up retail locations on reservation land.

Finally, we can expect a small handful of online casino apps in Arizona to be ready on launch day with a spattering of others following in the weeks and months soon after.

Best Arizona online casinos we expect to launch

When the state does launch iGaming, here are some of the best Arizona online casinos we’re banking on to be ready at the start.

🎰 Caesars Palace Casino Arizona ⭐ Expansive and diverse gambling options
🎰 DraftKings Casino Arizona ⭐ Popular online casino with great bonuses
🎰 FanDuel Casino Arizona ⭐ Wide array of slots and user-friendly interface
🎰 BetRivers Casino Arizona ⭐ Rewarding iRush Rewards loyalty program

Caesars Palace Casino Arizona

Caesars Palace Casino Arizona

Anticipated to launch once online casinos receive the green light, Caesars Palace Casino Arizona promises to offer an expansive and diverse gaming experience. From classic table games to a vast selection of modern slots, the platform is expected to cater to both seasoned and novice players.

DraftKings Casino Arizona Logo

DraftKings Casino Arizona

Despite massive appeal in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) industry, DraftKings Casino is still working to grow its influence in the online casino world. The site offers many bonuses for new and returning players, and because it is one of the more popular Arizona sports betting apps, we expect the casino side of DraftKings to see early success.

FanDuel Casino Arizona Logo

FanDuel Casino Arizona

With one of the widest arrays of online slots you’ll find, FanDuel Casino will be an excellent option for Arizona players once online casinos are legal and live. Whether you’re on the app or in a browser, the streamlined interface makes FanDuel easy for new and returning players alike to pick up and enjoy.

BetRivers Logo

BetRivers Casino Arizona

BetRivers’ online casino operations sprang from its roots at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh to expand around the country. One of the biggest perks is the “iRush Rewards” loyalty program, where players can earn points toward exclusive games, profit boosts, prize multipliers, luxury gifts, and more.

How to deposit on online casino sites in AZ

Depositing on online casino sites in AZ will vary from operator to operator once the state launches the industry, but the process will be relatively similar, even if the order of steps or payment methods may vary. These are the steps you can expect along the way:

  1. Access your online casino account through the operator’s platform.
  2. From your account page, click on whatever variation of “deposit,” “add funds” or other similar verbiage is listed.
  3. Select the deposit method you plan to use. Most online casinos will accept credit cards, debit cards, e-checks, PayPal, and online banking options, but they won’t necessarily be limited to these choices.
  4. Enter the amount of funds you wish to deposit into your account. Some casinos may have buttons with specific amounts to ease the process, or you can enter a custom amount. Keep in mind the minimum and maximum deposit limits when attempting to fund your bankroll.
  5. Click “confirm” or “accept” to complete the transaction.

Online casino bonuses explained

Any online casino operator worth its salt will be sure to offer an abundance of bonuses, whether to attract new customers or retain existing ones. Here are some of the common types of bonuses you should be aware of:

  • Sign-up bonus - Sign-up bonuses will be applied automatically when you create your account. They often include some sort of play credit, such as a matching or free spin bonus (which we’ll describe more below) but could also include things like a second-chance entry, giving you a chance to play another game if your first play isn’t a winner, or a profit boost, where you would receive extra funds or credit when you win.
  • Matching bonus - Matching bonuses occur when you’re funding your account. Casinos may offer a deposit match, where they will award bonus bets or free spins to your account in equal proportion to the amount you deposit. The matching credit cannot be withdrawn for cash and may expire, so be sure to check the bonus terms and conditions when opting in.
  • Free spins - One of the top options for slot players is free spins, which allow for playing without using account funds. Winnings on free spins are often capped at $100, so you may need to verify the slot you’re playing is eligible.
  • Loyalty bonus - Similar to the signup bonus, loyalty bonuses can be applied in a variety of ways for returning players. Sometimes, this can include a loyalty program, where each game played or dollar wagered can earn points towards lucrative rewards. Other times, it can be deposit matches, free spins for playing on consecutive days, or access to exclusive content.

How to choose the best casino bonus

Choosing the best sign-up bonus is a bit of a challenge, as the definition of “best” can be quite different from player to player. If you’re only interested in playing table games or video poker, free spins may not be very appealing; similarly, if you’re a slots junkie, you may not care about getting to play exclusive live dealer poker or have bet credits for the blackjack table.

When looking for the best sign-up bonus, you should not only consider the value of the offer in terms of dollars but also in terms of worth to you as a player. You also aren’t limited to only playing at one casino, so you can try welcome offers from multiple online casinos once Arizona goes live and find which works best for you.

Are Arizona online casinos fair?

To ensure the fairness of the games, online casinos use random number generators (RNGs) to determine the outcome of each game. RNGs are software programs that generate a sequence of numbers that correspond to specific outcomes in a game. This means that the outcome of each game is completely random and not influenced by the casino or the player.

History of casino gambling in Arizona

Gambling in Arizona has a complicated history, with new legal challenges to overcome throughout the process. Here are some of the significant events in the state’s casino history:

Timeline of major events in Arizona casino history:

  • 1912: Arizona is officially recognized as a state. Shortly thereafter, all forms of gambling are made illegal.
  • 1930s: The first casinos and card rooms opened in Arizona, operating illegally.
  • 1950s: The state begins to crack down on illegal gambling, and many casinos shut down.
  • 1980: AZ lawmakers launch the Arizona Lottery
  • 1988: The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act is passed, which would allow Native American tribes to operate casinos on their land.
  • 1992: Fort McDowell Casino, the first Native American casino, is raided by the police, leading to outcry and more lax attitudes to tribal casinos.
  • 1992-1994: The first set of compacts between 16 tribes and the Arizona state legislature was signed.
  • 1998: Gov. Jane Hull signed a 17th compact that provided tribes exclusive rights to operate casino-style gaming and slots. Comprehensive rules were also established to govern gaming.
  • 2002: Proposition 202 was approved by voters to continue tribal gaming.
  • 2002: The state signs a gaming compact with several tribes, allowing for more casinos to be built.
  • 2003: Compacts were signed with five more tribes by Gov Janet Napolitano.
  • 2007: Gov. Doug Ducey signed the last remaining compact with the Hopi Tribe.
  • 2018: The U.S. Supreme Court strikes down a federal law, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), which had banned sports betting, paving the way for legal sports betting in Arizona.
  • 2021: The state passes legislation to legalize sports betting and fantasy sports, and online sports betting launches in September of that year.

Who regulates casinos in AZ?

Arizona casino regulation varies based on the casino type. Class II facilities are governed by the local tribe that owns the casino and receives additional guidance from the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC). Class III facilities receive oversight from the local tribes but also fall under the regulation of the Arizona Department of Gaming (ADG). These groups work together to ensure all casino play is fair, safe, and compliant with state laws.

Taxes on online casino winnings in AZ

As with most US states, online gambling winnings are taxable in Arizona. They are treated the same way as income tax which is currently between 2.59% and 4.50%, depending on individual status. Whether you bet on sports, the Arizona lottery, or pari-mutuel wagering, you are required to pay tax on winnings.

In addition, if your winnings exceed $5,000, the federal and state taxes might be withheld automatically. The federal tax withholding requirement is 24%.

IRS Form W-2G will be sent to you by the gambling establishment if you win more than $1200 on slots or $600 or more on other games if the win was at least 300 times your wager amount. If you did not receive a W-2G form, it is still your responsibility to report your gambling winnings as other income in Form 1040.

Here is the rate for gambling winnings in Arizona:

  • $0 to $26,500 (Single) and $0 to $53,000 (Married) — 2.59%
  • $26,501 to $53,000 (Single) and $53,001 to $106,000 (Married) — 3.34%
  • $53,001 to $159,000 (Single) and $106,001 to $318,000 (Married) — 4.17%
  • $159,001 and above (Single) and $318,001 and above (Married) — 4.50%


What age do I need to be to play at casinos on an Arizona Native American reservation?

Arizona state law requires players to be at least 18 years of age to play at casinos on an Arizona Native American reservation.

How many casinos are there in Arizona?

According to the Arizona Department of Gaming (ADG), there are 24 Class III gaming facilities in the state which are run by 16 different Native American tribes. There are also two Class II facilities in Arizona. Class III facilities are regulated by the Tribal Gaming Office of the tribe that owns the casino in conjunction with the ADG. Class II facilities are regulated by the tribe and the National

Are casinos in Arizona safe?

Yes, casinos in Arizona are safe for players. Arizona casinos fall under tribal regulations, in addition to guidance from the Arizona Department of Gaming (ADG) or the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC). However, online casinos are not yet safe, as the state has not legalized that form of gambling, and offshore casinos are risky.

Will I be arrested if I gamble on an offshore casino?

No, you won’t be arrested if you gamble at an offshore casino, as there isn’t a part of the Arizona State law that expressly prohibits online casino play with an offshore casino. However, it is a bit of a legal gray area. While no one has ever been arrested for gambling at an offshore casino in Arizona, and there’s no indication anyone ever will, you should still avoid betting at an offshore casino to ensure your personal and banking information is safe beyond potentially opening the door to committing a Class I Misdemeanor subject to A.R.S. §13-3305.

Can I play legal online casino games in neighboring states?

You could if there was a neighboring state with legal online casino gambling. Unfortunately, the only states that have legalized the activity are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Michigan, Connecticut, and West Virginia.

Fact checked by: Gary Garry