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Here, we will go through Arizona Downs, one of the premier racing tracks in Arizona. We will delve into what kind of gambling it offers, its sports betting options, and much more.

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Arizona Downs is a prime horse racing track in the scenic Prescot Valley and has become a significant attraction in Arizona. The track hosts both thoroughbred and quarter-horse races and offers a range of hospitality and entertainment services to both locals and tourists.

Further enhancing its entertainment offerings, a partnership with Caesars Sportsbook allows for sports betting, adding another dimension to the Arizona Downs experience.

Arizona Downs has witnessed various transformations over time - changing hands, renaming, experiencing bankruptcy, and eventually revitalizing. Today, it stands not just as a horse racing track but as a comprehensive entertainment hub. Continue reading to discover more about this impressive racetrack.

About Arizona Downs in Arizona

Established in 1959, Arizona Downs initially operated as Yavapai Downs until 2020. Originally located at the old Rodeo Grounds in Prescot, it moved to its current position in Prescot Valley around the start of the millennium, driven by a need for expansion.

Operating from 2000 to 2010, it faced bankruptcy in 2011, leading to a halt in operations. Gary Miller acquired it in 2013 but couldn't revive horse racing there. The property then went bankrupt in 2015 under his ownership. However, in 2018, J&J Equine Enterprises purchased and renamed it Arizona Downs.

The racetrack features horse races every summer weekend. Additionally, it houses a family fun zone, ensuring entertainment for all ages. Patrons can also enjoy a restaurant and bar offering panoramic views of the surroundings.

Numerous TVs are available for viewing, along with pari-mutuel and self-bet machines. The partnership with Caesars Sportsbook provides an avenue for diverse sports betting.

Is there sports betting at Arizona Downs?

Yes, sports betting is available at Arizona Downs. Beyond the staple horse race betting, the partnership with Caesars Sportsbook allows patrons to wager on a plethora of other sports. Two kiosks stationed at Arizona Downs facilitate these bets. Moreover, fans can take part in AZ online sports betting via the Caesars Sportsbook even when they're not at the racetrack.

Arizona Downs and Caesars Sportsbook partnership

The partnership between Arizona Downs and Caesars Sportsbook Arizona commenced in June 2022. This collaboration brought mutual advantages. Arizona Downs was able to offer sports betting through the Caesars platform, expanding its services beyond just horse racing. Additionally, it marked the racetrack's initial foray into the sports betting arena.

Conversely, Caesars benefited by establishing a second retail betting location in Arizona, with the first being at Chase Field. While Caesars essentially leases space from Arizona Downs for two betting kiosks, both entities retain their distinct operations, capitalizing on the other's clientele.

What alternative types of gambling does Arizona Downs offer?

Arizona Downs offers a variety of betting options. This includes on-site betting at the racetrack and off-track betting. Here are the primary betting options:

  • Horse betting - One of the longest-standing wagering traditions in the U.S., you can place bets on various races directly at the Arizona Downs racetrack. Winning bets are rewarded on-site, but this method limits betting to when you're present at the facility.
  • Off-track betting - This pertains to betting on horse races without being present at the racetrack. Online platforms, like Caesars Sportsbook, make off-track betting accessible and convenient.

Arizona Downs’s entertainment & cuisine

Arizona Downs boasts an array of entertainment and culinary delights. Apart from the exhilarating horse races, visitors can indulge in diverse dishes and engaging activities. Here's a taste of what's on offer:

  • The Cantina - Situated on the second floor's south side, The Cantina serves an extensive range of meals and beverages. Options include steak or chicken fajitas, and for those looking for refreshments, beers like Michelob Ultra, Estrella, Landshark, and Modelo are available on tap.
  • Main Concession - Located on the ground floor, this stand houses both a bar and a restaurant. Patrons can savor dishes such as beer brats, ice cream, and chef salads. A diverse drink menu ensures guests remain refreshed throughout their visit.
  • The View Restaurant and Bar - As the name suggests, the panoramic vistas are the main draw here. Coupled with ambient music, guests can relish a sumptuous meal or drink, making it a delightful dining experience.

Contact & opening hours

Address: 10501 E, AZ-89A, Prescott Valley, AZ 86315, United States
Opening hours: Weekdays, 9 am — 6 pm. Sat and Sun 10 am — 4.30 pm
Website: Arizonadowns.com
E-mail address: Send a message by filling in a form on the website. You get a reply to your own email address, which you enter before sending the message.
Phone number: +1 928-227-1996


Are there any hotels nearby Arizona Downs?

Yes, there are very many hotels in the proximity of Arizona Downs. They include the Hampton Inn and Suites which is the preferred destination of many visitors to the racetrack. There are also others like the Green Tree Inn, Comfort Suites, Hassayampa Inn, and America’s Best Value Inn.

Can you smoke in Arizona Downs in Arizona?

Yes, you can smoke in restricted areas of Arizona Downs. Generally, smoking is not allowed in most areas, such as the track's banks and most public areas. Nevertheless, you can always find areas that are not smoke-free.

Is there free parking at Arizona Downs?

Yes, parking is free at Arizona Downs. There are only a few occasions when there may be special events, and designated areas may have restricted or paid parking. Otherwise, parking is always free at the facility.